Versatile Information Portal (VIP)

Acuative's Versatile Information Portal - VIPThe Acuative Versatile Information Portals (VIP) takes self-service and in-store assistance to a whole new level. Combining traditional self-service functionality with integrated voice and sound, the VIP provides an all in one interactive kiosk and IP telephony solution. Its sleek design allows easy placement in your merchandise areas where the buying decisions are made, or your back office, close to your employees.

Unlike many kiosk systems, the VIP is small, powered over Ethernet, and is a thin client network device. By leveraging the reliability and bandwidth you have in your network, adding the VIP extends your network and delivers a high capability kiosk system at a far lower cost than most and without

Extend your brand presence, too, by customizing the VIP faceplates with your colors and brand, reinforcing your identity and store experience every time the VIP is used.

Use the VIP to:

  • Provide easy access to interactive product information,
    related products and product location
  • Promote specials and programs
  • Show product tutorials and videos
  • Build awareness and increase usage of loyalty card programs
  • Enable users to call for assistance
  • Reduce energy costs of your locations – the VIP uses 90% less power
    than PC-based kiosk systems
  • Send pages and announcements
  • Train and inform employees
  • Manage work schedules
  • Monitor and manage stocking levels and SKUs

Key Features

  • IP Telephony Enabled
  • 802.11 b/g Wireless; a/b/g/n on the 5000 Model
  • Powered-over-Ethernet – no
    A/C Required
  • Full Color XGA Display
  • Server Based Architecture
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Integrated Speakers and Microphones
  • Sleek Design with a Small Footprint

Product Options (VIP)

  • 7", 10.4", or 17" Screen Sizes
  • Landscape or Portrait Formats
  • Honeywell SE5080 2D Scanner
  • Printer and Camera Capabilities
  • Custom Face Plates and Branding

Spec Sheets