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Delivering service solutions using best practices within an environment that fosters process improvement.

Key to achieving these goals is Acuative’s world class quality and business operating system, Achieving Service Excellence (ASE).

ASE is similar in scope and significance to Six Sigma or ISO, and provides the framework and quantified metrics to improve our culture, tools and knowledge across all functions in all offices and remote locations. ASE is integral to ensuring superior quality products and services, while optimizing satisfaction and maximizing value to our clients.

Central to our mission, and at the core of ASE, is a thorough understanding of our clients’ expectations by which we establish metrics that are truly significant and measurable. Department by department, function by function, key performance metrics and the methods to measure them are implemented, monitored and improved using documented processes, process improvements, problem solving tools and extensive training.

Our vision and focus begin and end with our clients.

That’s why across our enterprise, we view problems as opportunities to learn and improve. We solicit feedback from our clients on our performance. We continue to redefine our goals, constantly setting our standards higher and higher with every challenge, refining our processes, correcting and improving along the way.

The end result is world-class quality in all our products and processes for the long term.


Acuative teams review their department bulletin boards for performance metrics, results and program updates.

The boards, an integral part of Achieving Service Excellence, bring big picture objectives and direction to life, which drives success.

Acuative teams review bulletin boards for clients’ up-to-date status, metrics, and goals. The boards, an integral part of AQS, bring big picture objectives and direction to life, which drives success.

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