Project Management

Managing, collaborating and delivering to exceed your expectations.

Acuative project managersAcuative’s project management professionals know what it takes to achieve success on your project!

Through the inevitable challenges and changing dynamics of a large rollout, particularly those encompassing large domestic or global geographies, Acuative project managers maintain tight control of the entire implementation process and ongoing day-to-day operational needs. They develop and execute a rollout strategy for your sites using reliable and standardized processes and tools in keeping with industry best practices and Acuative’s quality program, ASE.

Our project managers coordinate directly with all Acuative teams involved in supporting your project - field service teams, technical support teams, outside vendors, and other internal departments, from the initial order process through the successful test and verification of the service. Eliminating information silos and fostering collaboration, the project manager makes the all the connections necessary to streamline the implementation while keeping you apprised through every phase of the project: Planning, Initiation, Monitoring, Execution and Closing.

Acuative’s project management ensures successful fulfillment of your project’s Scope of Work and overall satisfaction.

Certified Expertise - PMPs

Acuative Project Management Professionals (PMPs) have extensive experience and certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI), recognized as an industry leading accreditation program.

PMI is ISO 17024 certified, endorsing their PMP certification process and recognizing their expertise within the global business community.

Real-time Status

Acuative's Client PortalOnce your project is underway, you can use our secure Client Web Portal to review your orders, track shipments, monitor progress, view inventory and run reports.