PremGate Remote Access Manager

Acuative's PremGate Remote Access ManagerEffectively managing remote systems and devices to prevent service outages is critical, yet challenging for enterprises. PremGate® Remote Access Manager provides integrated in-band and-out-of-band access to remote systems and devices to help you securely, reliably and flexibly manage them. It proactively monitors systems and devices and offers real-time alerts to rapidly detect critical problems and, ultimately, increase system availability and reduce opportunities for lost revenue.

With PremGate, you can remotely access up to six devices directly connected to serial interfaces via an Ethernet interface or modem. Because it is managed remotely through serial interfaces, access is not contingent upon the availability of an IP Network. PremGate also provides three contact closures for connecting contact alarm devices, allowing you to remotely monitor physical and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, power, physical security and others.

Real-time e-mail notifications of critical system events such as power failure, alarm activations or device problems are proactively generated and sent to you using an IP network or dial-up connection. This redundancy ensures that critical alarm messages are received in the event of an IP network failure. PremGate also provides battery back-up to ensure continued system operation during power failure for up to 15 minutes.

Enhanced Remote Diagnostics and Support Capabilities

PremGate enables you to recycle or remotely reboot specific devices to enhance your remote diagnostic capability. It also employs three levels of security, including IP filtering, port filtering and user name/password protection to prevent unauthorized access to the system or remote devices. A simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI) management interface enables you to rapidly configure and deploy new systems.

When combined with our PremWatch™ Network Monitoring Service, PremGate instantly relays alarms to technical teams at the Acuative 24/7/365 Global Technology Center, giving you complete network care and support. As part of Acuative’s  total network care, fault identification, remote diagnostics and resolution are often underway before you even realize there is a problem at the site.

An Acuative ValuNet Service Plan, used in conjunction with PremGate, offers the added reliability of nationwide guaranteed maintenance by an Acuative Field Service Technician for situations requiring on-site support.