Network Engineering

Designing flexible, scalable network architectures that meet the demanding performance standards of mission critical environments.

  • network-engineeringWide Area Networking - Whether it’s a minor upgrade or radical overhaul, the Acuative team addresses every WAN infrastructure project with best-of-breed technologies that garner excellent results.
  • Unified Communications - Reaping the many benefits of consolidation of voice, video, and data on to a single IP network requires the specialized knowledge and technical insights included in an Acuative VoIP design.
  • Wireless – Acuative helps simplify your working environment by delivering the performance of a wired network with the mobility of wireless LAN.
  • Security – Acuative builds networks with features and functionality to protect, defend and ward off the ever growing number of threats.
  • Data Center - Every day, businesses face a mountain of data to manage, back up and recover. Acuative data center solutions incorporate virtualization, infrastructure and storage capabilities to cost-effectively streamline this essential process.
  • Interactive Kiosks – Turnkey solutions feature Acuative’s thin-client Versatile Information Portals that combines traditional kiosk functionality with IP functionality, extending self service capability throughout your locations.